Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Thought Found in the Bucket:

To my Young Nagas, I have a thought found in the bucket this morning while I was washing my cloths, in a foreign land. The moment I touched my cloth to wash, suddenly a word "NagalandPost Blog" came into my mind. I questioned, what does it mean? then it continue to retrospect on the wonderful posts and comments I have read so far. It again leads to a though on what kind of posts and comments I have read so far? the answer was not hard to find, so I replied to my own question that, the entire posts and comments of our young people are about the passion, aspiration, hope, needs, desire and longing toward achieving ONE goal and that ONE GOAL is to stand against the present CORRUPTION in our society. 

I further my thought again, if we all have the same goal to fight against the social corruption then what strategy can be applicable for our young people toward achieving the social transformation?

There again I have found a simple respond. I feel it is impossible to transform our society by a single person trying to change the entire Naga society by becoming a leader. It will be hard for one man and woman to tell the entire Nagas to change or even to play the role of transforming the society for there are numerous anti-transformation in our society. 

Therefore, despite the challenges we have, we shall first need to build our own community. Transform our own community, revive our own community, strengthen our own community, to plant a positive attitude in our own community and lead our own community toward the Social transformation. This being done, the positive contribution from every tribe and community will bring to a common platform toward building the bigger picture of the Naga society in general. Many hands put together make a work easier. 

If we only can plant a positive attitude in our own community, no matter who become the leader of the Naga society, he/she will surely fall under the shadow of the common transformed communities and that will lead to a social transformation in general. 

My thought found in the bucket may not be as strategical as other people have, however, i believe, it can be one among many strategies toward our social transformation. "There is always a victory to be achieved" God blessings.

Have a blessed day.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Role of Women in Peace Building and Reconciliation

In the front page of the social magazines man are pictures as the initiators toward the social driving. It has been the common pictures to the entire societal that the concept of leadership has been credited to man. But the shadows of women are always presence in the leadership of men that support invisibly.

The invisible role of women in the realm of peace building plays a vital role in the society. Since the primitive age, women played a significant role in resolving conflict between communities and families, but they are always invisible. The dynamic invisible role played by women in the society from the ancient time till today need to be acknowledge and strengthen in order to help man folk as working toward peace in the society.

There is a saying of our forefather’s tradition that “If we have a bad woman then we have a bad society and if we have bad wives then we have bad families”. The tender hearts of the women is so powerful that it melts the anger of a man and that is one of the reasons why we send women as a negotiator between husband and the enemies in the early period when family dispute arouse.

In both the home and the community, women in most societies are involved in resolving conflicts in various ways. Women seem to sense developing conflicts at early stages— as mothers they are the first to become aware when children generate conflict with the neighbours, and they draw their husbands’ attention to the situation.

The wife plays a significant role in proposing ways to resolve the conflict. In the community, some conflicts may be referred to women to resolve because women are considered better suited to do so. Women may sit as chiefs and judges to resolve such conflicts. For instance, Chief Sekina of the Munda tribe in the Maridi Rural Council in Sudan, a woman, was empowered to settle disputes not only between individuals but also between various groups in the community. A strategy that the chief and her assistants (both women and men) commonly adopted was to engage the community in debate on issues that were likely to generate conflict. Their strategy was to nip the conflict in the bud.

Another strategy women use widely is to compose songs that emphasize the power of solving problems peacefully through debate and discussion. Women are known to have suggested binding two antagonistic communities through intercommunity marriage. The new bonds and relationships that come with the marriage serve as a bridge for peaceful living between the two communities.

Traditional communication mechanisms
Women in the patriarchal society of Sudan have little or no decision-making power and limited participation in political processes, including negotiations for peace. Yet they play a very vital role in war and conflict making. In other words, women through use of the traditional communication system in Sudan could be considered agents of war.

Women as peacemakers or as agitators
Women are half of the society. If they convince themselves to become peacemakers, then half the society is working toward peace. Women can create a soothing, reconciling atmosphere, going side by side with men to make peace

But women’s role can also be negative, and women can be agitators. However, women, no matter what, are change agents in a society and must not be ignored or marginalized in efforts to build a prosperous, healthy, integrated, and peaceful society. Women always in the front door since the history of all the initiatives taken in the patriarchal society. Seen in the battle field, man has been indicated to be the great be continued

Lemwang Chuhwanglim

The Treasure of Love and Care “On Sick Bed”

Have you ever experienced the treasure of love and care?
If yes then pour out to others, if not then experience on sick bed.
Unfortunately just a country boy struggled with headache and neck pain for days.
Could not recognized of why the pain was for? A time came to be in the refectory.
Asking question to everyone, does any one knows about the cause of the pain?
A strange loving mother answered might be the reason of constant face before the PC.
A while after another woman said might be due to an eye infection…..But the boy thought it will be ok within a moment and He kept on watching his life world cup….the pain got into worst.

Laying down on a sick bed and abstained from the work,
Could not reach of what ever he thought in his mind.
At last, at noon, some friends came to the room asking a question
How are you feeling?” That question meant a lot because the hidden treasure of their love and care is presence in the question.

The hate most fever on for country boy alarmed the family of the Institution where everyone empathized and concerned in their own way from their own corners, Here comes the treasure of love and care from the family of the institution. He slept at night but no asleep because many wonders and amazing thoughts appeared into his mind. Ultimately, he prayed to God “O Lord thank you for the calling, if this is your punishment for me then forgive me. O Lord, no doubt if you want me to die with this sickness but one thing lord, please do remember my Mom and Dad their loves, care, concerns and sacrifices towards me till today. I haven’t paid them back anything yet, however, let your will be done in Jesus name. Amen.

Next day followed by one after one another woman and young man came and asked “How are you? The sick man was taken to three different doctors for three times by a young compassionate men and woman but the sickness instead prolonged to be on sick bed. Someone said “hi boss! You look so smart though you are sick, how are you?” what can he say and have answered? Here comes the Revelation of the Treasure of love and care from the passionate people from the institution which they live to be under one family of God.

Even the next night he tried to sleep but could not. Finally a thought came in his mind to write something of his experience as he lives away from his loving parents and siblings in a strange land. He wrote this to encourage all to keep the chain of the treasure of love and care as we lives. Let Love be Loved and Care be Cared. The only word from the country boy to the family of the Institution are “Love lifted me, Care lifted me, let you all be lifted with the love and care of the Almighty God in returns” I Love you all and thank you all for the memory of my life. God bless you all.

Love and prayer: Lemwang W. Chuhwanglim


No dead man will alive though we sympathize and discuss a lot about him. I am no body to “speak” out anything regarding anything happening in Nagaland yet, I am someone just a country boy “my love for my country never cease,” to say about what went wrong and why leaders paradise their life in the expense of country men and women suffering. Country for Christ and leaders for the violations are where I am experiencing among the creations of God.

To the ruling government and the opposition party, throwing dung to one other makes diversity which is happening now, rather compile the dung together and make manure for the well growth of the country men and women. What hurts you when the recent video game burning houses in Dimapur? The incident is not a privilege for you to condemn opposition party or ruling, it is rather to come into position party to work together.

How many parties do you prefer to exist in Homeland? The numerical of the parties gain nothing, it needs only qualitically party. Numbers are only to be count but the effect is to be treasured. Why do you need president ruling in Home land? Are we not satisfied with the president ruled existed in late70s? You must regret of what has happened with the government of India and my country, so that you will not regret for the same in the days to come. I should honor Kaka D. Iralu who wrote the wonderful book “for you and me” on THE BLOOD AND THE TEARS, am I correct with the title of the book? What happened in this book? Why don’t you flip back to the history of locations, incidents, persecutions, tormented and many others where it happened, what and with whom? You need to read and look back once to the times, because these will make sense for you whether Nagaland needs another president rule or not. Please read, read, read and read before the last breath torch your life. Remember, “Do not cut a Dao in the water because it turns back to you and cut your leg”, this is what happening in Homeland. A theft never says he is a thief and the leaders of the country for Christ are the same, never want to say it was and it is my fault.

The story of a frog that ate a lot thinking that still can eat and ultimately burst and died. Do not try to clean the pieces of fire from others body before it cleans from your own. Whoever it may be today; do not blame anyone for the dramatic happening in homeland or else blame everyone that includes you and me. Have you ever encounter people fighting somewhere? You enjoy their fight and narrate the story when you meet others, rite? The same thing is happening with Indian Government towards Nagaland. Why do the leaders so call great man let Indian and other countries to watch the movie of the homeland? Please it is too late, yet, “regret not to regret anymore”.

Hello, leaders of the Country for Christ, it is said “love your enemy” but do you think it’s possible? To me it is, provided you have a positive attitude towards them. Present tug of war in the state is to make a distance between fellow men and women. I would strongly suggest calling your enemy/ies and showing them your love and reconciliation. Can you? Emmmm???????? Try try and trust one another.

Hello and good morning to all. This is a country boy radio only just with the headlines. May you kindly stop blaming, kindly stop singing opposition, ruling, one killed two injured, presidential ruling. I too would like to learn more about all those terms in details from whomever it may be, coz I have very less knowledge bout it.

However, this message may just pass through your ears without inning your ears and mind. Yet, it may enter when you wake up in the next morning. I wrote this not to individual man but it is for all whoever says he/she is the leader of the country. God bless the responsibilities you are standing on at the moment and best wishes for the next objectives.


Country boy
Lemwang W. Chuhwanglim